Albanska poeten Alisa Velaj i dialog med Martinson

Poeten Alisa Velaj valdes ut av AIR Litteratur Västra Götaland för ett vistelsestipendium och hon valde att få komma till Villa Martinson i Jonsered. Vistelsen inspirerade henne bland annat till att skriva dikten ”Aniara, Aniara…” som publicerades i tidskriften Orbis #187.

Aniara, Aniara…
Or My Transcendence of Night, 
inspired upon visiting Harry Martinson’s house in Sweden, February 2019
(Translated from Albanian by Arben P. Latifi)
Glitter of starlets dropping over fall trails at night.
Silent bells forebode ghost seasons,
of space and time travel,
reminiscent of erstwhile silhouettes of sailors
dwelling in the oases of your boats, Aspen.
To the lad lush with nomadic dreams,
blocks of ice are no walls,
but simply the materialization of a closed home,
waiting for Spring to deliver its magic key
and crank door-locks open…
He pushes down the handle…Extinct walls,
the night’s body breeds flowers, leaves,
oak trees with sailor-like trunks,
a shrub with roses still sleepy…
Bewildered, the sailor looks all around
                                                             for solitaries…
No response, except from a brook in the woods,
where the last loneliness quenched its thirst
until dawn morphed it into love.
Ah, the silent bells then
must be echoing the loves
locked inside the sailors’ chests…
”Aniara, my seagull, Aniara;
not every thunderclap portends a storm.
It’s all relative,
everything we hitherto know!”
the waters quip through the time-traveler’s lips.
Aniara, H. Martinson’s epic science-fiction poem (1956), depicted the odyssey of a spaceship straying from the Solar System. Influenced by Einstein’s theory of relativity, the poet alludes to the human existential and intellectual challenges through distraction, despair, and emptiness.

Läs Alisa Velajs inlägg i gästdagboken i slutet av hennes vistelse i Jonsered

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